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I built STS9 Stats so that I could see how many times I’d heard each song that STS9 has played and where I’d seen them play. When I showed it to a friend he encouraged me to make it public, so here we are.


The band has not endorsed this website nor do they have any involvement in it. This is an entirely fan-made and fan-run site.


Most of the info you see on this site is aggregated from,, and Bandcamp so things are obviously missing. I’d love contributions! So if you see a show that needs some updating, please use the ‘Suggest Edit’ button at the bottom of each show to help increase the accuracy of our STS9 Stats.

Song Attributes

On some shows you’ll see various icons indicating specific attributes of a song:

Song Was Axed Icon – This icon means that the song was played ‘axed’ style, meaning no laptops; instruments only.

Song Was Axed Icon – This icon means the song was teased, or only partially played.

> – If you see this next to a song on a show page that means that the song was jammed seamlessly into the next song

Set # – This indicates whether a song was played as part of the first set, second set, or encore. When we don’t have set order data you won’t see this number.

Song # – Sometimes you’ll see multiple songs with the same number. This reflects that 1320records listed the songs as one, but that doesn’t work great in our data model. So I broke them out into separate records in the database and used the same song number to reflect that they were combined when played lived.

Sample Listen Icon – If you see this icon next to a song on a show page it means that there is a link to listen to a sample of the song. These links simply take you to the sample file that 1320 has graciously hosted on their website; these samples were not user created and therefore are not in violation of copyright.

Sample Listen Icon – This icon next to link under the show’s location indicates that you can download the show from 1320records, Drip,, Bandcamp, or Spotify. If a show is available for download and we don’t have it listed, please suggest an edit on that show!

Missing Shows

Are we missing a show? Suggest one to be added!


Do you have any suggestions or just want to say hey? Drop us a line!

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